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Welcome to our latest venture...parties and balloons! No matter what the occasion or purpose, balloon decor can elevate your event with a sense of elegance you cannot get with other types of decoration. Whether you require our service to decorate the whole party or just provide the balloons, we are here to help make your next special occasion better.  Receive your free loyalty card with your 1st balloon purchase.

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Balloon Drop

What is a balloon drop? A balloon drop consists of a net which hangs over the dance floor or from the ceiling which, at the right time, releases all the balloons for a dramatic and colorful effect. The cascading shower of balloons colorfully falling over the crowd, in front of, or behind a speaker can really help to punctuate an event. They are typically used to visually punctuate a climax of an event with a falling sea of color and movement.


Every gathering has a table. Some have more! With balloon centerpieces, you can tie in the theme and coordinate decorations for the entire room. With all the many options out there for centerpieces, balloons really stand out as a way to set yourself apart from other similar events. Whether you’re decorating the head table or every table, our balloon centerpieces are sure to add that extra wow for your event.


Either for schools or private events, we can offer fantastic centerpieces themed to the school colors. We can build them as high or low pieces allowing for guests to see across the table to their peers in any case.

Baby Showers

Baby rattles, a little baby, or something more simple… We can put together gorgeous balloon centerpieces for your next shower. Contact us for photos and descriptions.

Kids Parties

First birthdays, 5th birthdays, or even “kids” celebrating their 21st birthday will enjoy additional decorations for their tables. Contact us for special party packages and rates especially for birthdays.


Classy, elegant, sleek, and outright gorgeous are just a few of the words you may use to describe our wedding pieces. Consider us for your special day and ask to view a portfolio of our work.

Business Events

Grand openings, new product launch parties, sale events, summer barbecues and holiday parties.  Our balloons will add an inviting atmosphere that will make your event even better.



An anniversary is a reminder as to why you love and married this person.  Celebrate your union with balloons!!